10YearChallenge: Facebook's big deal about data collection

On 10YearChallenge, some people on social media sites say that Facebook is using the AI system to train its system. Now there is a reaction from Facebook on this.

Nowadays 10YearChallenge has become viral in social media. Facebook or Instagram, people everywhere are putting their 10 year old photos with the existing photos. People are posting this on social media with photos of their 10 years old with this trend. In addition to your photos, people are also sharing photos of themselves related to social media platforms.

On one hand, while people are sharing their old photos emotionally attached, on the other hand some people say that this is a trend that has been tricked by Facebook. So Facebook wants to collect data related to age for its machine learning system.

Now Facebook has responded and has said that there is no such thing. Facebook has said that this trend is viral because people are enjoying it. Facebook has said in a tweet that 10YearChallenge is a user-generated measure. This shows that people are enjoying Facebook and nothing else.

Tech companies use user-uploaded photos to give training to facial recognition algorithms. For this reason, Facebook asks for identification of the face after uploading a photo by a user and for photographing friends and relatives in the photo.

However, after some recent controversy, the trust of people on Facebook has shaken. Maybe because of anything on social media websites, people start worrying nowadays and due to this, 10YearChallenge also came under question.

10 year old has just been viral a few days ago and recently people have posted enough photos. Apart from Facebook, you have a crazy trend on Instagram as well and Propagam also owns proprietary Facebook.

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