Aam Aadmi, the programmer took advantage of Rs 7.15 crore

ATM Hacking: A programmer has injected some scripts by taking advantage of the drawbacks in ATMs. After that gradually the millions of rupees got out and the bank did not even know.

There is a news related to the ATM that will surprise you. A programmer found the ATM in the ATM and for that reason, the ATM got 7.15 crore rupees. This case is from China, where 43-year-old programmers took 7 million yuan from the ATM and converted into Rupees, it is 7.15 crore rupees.

According to the report, money has come from Huaxia Bank ATM and interestingly, the programmer who has taken out the money is also the employee of this bank. It is possible that the programmer will have an idea of ​​an ATM's internal bug, which has been done by taking advantage of it. For this, the programmer has to upload a script to the ATM.

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, Qin Qisheng is a resident of China and works as a programmer at Huxia Bank. The software of the bank took out their weaknesses and decided to take advantage of it. It has been said in the report that programmers found this drawback in November of 2016 and in the same year they uploaded some scripts in the banking system.

He claimed that due to the script he had uploaded, it started without triggering the alert without warning. After this, they dumped from 5000 yuan to 20,000 yuan for more than a year in the dummy account. Its purpose is to test the system. By January 2018 they have removed Total 7 million Yuan

According to the report, this bug was in the way of the recorded transaction in Midnight. Any transaction done on 12AM was not recorded in the ATM as a debit. Due to this loop hole, the programmer has done the job of fooling the ATM machine by uploading a special script. According to the report, the programmer put all the money in his account and put some of them in the stock market.
When the bank came to know about it and when the programmer was caught, the bank asked for money back, then she said that she would give back the money. According to the report, the programmer told the bank that they did this to test the system. The bank has asked for help from the police and the government, and asked the programmer not to charge any kind of charge. That's because the bank did not want the people to know that the bank's software has flaws. However, the police did not accept the request of the bank and sentenced the programmaker to 10 years and demanded 11,000 yuan as a fine.

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