Because of this 'miracle' AR Rahman had changed his religion

AR Rahman, one of the world's famous musicians, is in the discussion these days. Recently there was an event on the completion of 10 years of Slumdog Millionaire. Rahman's daughter Khatija had also reached there. He was wearing a burqa. Khatija became emotional while talking on Papa's career at the stage. After the event Khatija came to discuss the debate in social media about the arrival in the burqa. People were kind of answering the questions.

After this, Rahman shared a photo on his social media account. In the photo, his wife (Saira), both daughters (Khatija, Rahima) were seen with Nita Ambani Khatija was wearing a burqa just in the picture. Through this picture Rahman was trying to tell Khatija's burqa is not his or her choice. Even though many people trumped Rahman for this picture too.
On the other hand, after criticizing Rahman, Khatija said he has not been compelled to screen. If I do the curtain then it is my own choice. This has nothing to do with my parents.

The world's best musicians have had to undergo a lot of struggle in their lives. Many people know that for a particular reason they had converted to religion.

Firstly Rahman's name was Dilip Kumar. Due to a "miracle" he changed his religion. He also mentioned this in an interview. Rahman had said, "My mother used to believe in Hinduism, but she was quite convinced of Sufi saint Pir Karimullah Shah Qadri, when his sister's health was worn at the age of 23, And this was a miracle, my sister's health improved.

Rehman said, 'It had such a deep impact on me that I converted to religion and accepted Islam. I kept my name 'Allah Rakka Rahman'. Let's tell that Singer is now known as AR Rahman.

According to Rehman, "I had come to understand that choosing a path is right, the way of Sufism was very much like both of me and my mother, so we adopted Sufi Islam."

Tell that Rahman did not like his real name Dilip Kumar. They say that these names did not suit them.
Rahman had said, 'Hindu astrology gave me Muslim name. Before adopting Sufism, I went to astrology to show my sister's horoscope. Astrology told me that the name of Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim would be right for me. I liked the name Rahman and my mother wanted me to add Allah Rakha in my name too. That is why my name is Allah Rakka Rahman. '

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