Rafael Deal: Rahul's PM Modi counterpart - Defective deal with PMO parallel talks

Rafael Deal: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has reversed today on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's allegations on Rafael. He said that the procedure in Rafael Deal was violated and Prime Minister Narendra Modi snatched 30 thousand crore rupees and handed it to his friend Anil Ambani.

On the Rafael Deal, there is a continuing war between the ruling party and the opposition. Congress President Rahul Gandhi today made a press conference alleging massive corruption in the Raphael deal. He made a press conference in New Delhi and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave benefits to Anil Ambani.

Referring to a report, Rahul Gandhi said, "Olympand had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told him that Anil Ambani was given a contract worth 30 thousand crore rupees. Now the Ministry of Defense is saying that the Prime Minister talked parallel and weakened our position. Prime Minister's reply on this. "

He said, "My pilot friends of the air force, you people would understand that these 30 thousand crore rupees could be used for you. They gave this money to Anil Ambani. Now it is clear that the Prime Minister has stolen from this country. I do not use stern words, but I am convinced that the Prime Ministers of India are thieves. "

Rahul said, "French President François Hollande said in the statement in which he had claimed that 'Anil Ambani was asked to tender' he turned right. The Defense Ministry has confirmed it. "Rahul Gandhi, on the statement of PM Modi, who was reprimanded by the reverse chor janitor, said that Modi was saying this about himself.

Referring to the report of the English newspaper, Congress President said that the newspaper has printed the file notation of the Ministry of Defense. The newspaper claims that the Defense Ministry objected to it that the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) parallel talks with France on the Rafael aerial deal, in which the defense ministry's side weakened in this negotiation.

In today's report of the English newspaper 'The Hindu', it has been claimed that the Defense Ministry was dealing with the French Government for Rafael Deal. But the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) interfered, which helped France. PMO's intervention was opposed by the Ministry of Defense. In spite of this, the Rafael deal was made from France. Now the Congress is trying to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly on the Duffel deal by the excuse of this report.

PM Modi told the Maha coalition, Maha Milivat, Congress's turnout- "People will reply to Mahaghamand people"

Rahul Gandhi said that we are ready for investigation in the case of Robert Vadra and P Chidambaram but we would like to see that the Raphael deal is also investigated. He also said that Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman lied about the Raphael deal.

Rahul Gandhi said, "Modi government has lied to the Supreme Court, the question has been raised on the whole decision as the CAG report that was to be presented, has never been offered."

Prior to the press conference, Rahul Gandhi tweeted in English and Hindi: "The heroic soldiers of our country, you are our protectors. You are always ready to give up your life for the country. You are our pride. Check out my LIVE press conference this morning 10:45. "

Rahul said on the statement of PM's 'reverse thief janitor' - just remember that Modi gave money to Ambani

On Thursday, the Prime Minister reversing the allegations of the opposition on the Rafael Deal said that the Congress kept the army unarmed under his rule and he did not want the country's air force to be strong. At the same time, he questioned which Congress would Rafael want to cancel the deal?

The prime minister, while targeting the Congress, said, "You have to prepare so much so that in 2023, there should be a no-confidence motion against (against their possible government). He said that we have surrender values, so we have reached here from two seats and because of pride you (Congress) stayed at 44.




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