The old-fashioned romance 'Mohan Jodaro' is the USP: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan will soon be seen in the movie 'Mohan Jodardo'. Introducing the main part of the special dialogue ...

There are different perceptions among people about the oldest city of the Indus Valley Civilization 'Mohan Jodardo'. The old remains found in the excavation of this World Heritage Site reveal different things about this city, which the producer Ashutosh Gowarikar has made in the form of his upcoming movie 'Mohan Jodaro'.

The film, which will be released on August 12, has Hrithik Roshan in lead role. He shared many important things about film and this ancient city in a special dialogue.

Regarding 'Mohan Jodaro', Ritik says, 'There is no historical evidence about this city. People have been found to know about this place with excavations found in excavation. Different types of things came out in excavation, on the basis of which different concepts of society were created.

How were the most accurate and correct assumptions made out of all these assumptions? On this question, he said, "Ashutosh has made a film based on research by choosing one of these perceptions with the help of research and archaeologists."

Some similar film was also seen in 'Jodhaa Akbar', when Ashutosh Gowarikar had decided to make a film on it and later the film had to face opposition.

However, Hrithik says, "If after watching the movie somebody said that 'Mohan Jodaro' was not all in this and that what is shown is wrong and there is no evidence to prove it wrong. '

Hrithik has worked with Ashutosh Gowarikar for the second time after 'Jodhaa Akbar'. Regarding the experience of working with him, he says, "I have worked with Ashutosh in Jodhaa-Akbar. During that film we were making friends, but before we started filming, we have become friends, so now we have become an understanding between the two. This is arguably more fun this time. '

Hrithik stating the romance of the film as its USP, "Funny thing with Ashutosh is that he brings romance with great beauty on the screen. Joe Magic A.R. Rahman does it with music, just like magic Ashutosh does with romance. '

There is a special place for romance in Ashutosh's films. This film has shown love of old-time. Hrithik says, "The special feature of this movie is the old-fashioned romance which can not be found in the films of nowadays. The slower, slow, slow, mobile, snapchat, and Skype away from that era would be interesting to watch it on the screen again.

Hrithik tells about his role in the film, "I am playing the character of a man named Sarman in the film, who cultivates Neel and sells Neel in the market. Blue is also my favorite color, so it is easy to join this character. '

It is often heard about Hrithik that he does not 'yes' easily for any film. Hitting out at this point, Hrithik said, "I believe the script should be such that you do not have to think after reading it. Mohan Jodaro script is so good that I read it from start to finish without interrupting. '

The film is full of action scenes. Hrithik has also taken special training for this. He says, "Very raw action has been kept in the film. The action of 'Krish' and 'Dhoom' starts coming in my body as soon as I hear the action name. The action of this film was quite challenging. One of the reasons for this was that in the film Bhuj, the shooting of the film has happened in the sun.

Regarding trying his hand in the field of directing like his father Rakesh Roshan and other actors, Hrithik says, "Right now I do not know myself whether the direction of direction is in me or not. I have not felt anything like this now, if such a thing happens in the future, I will surely do it with confidence. '

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