Today is Mirza Ghalib's birthday, know these special things about him

H is the most exotic poet Mirza Ghalib's 121st birthday ... Learn about the favorite shire of millions of hearts ...

Today is Mirza Ghalib's 221st birthday. They are considered Urdu-Persian longtime great shires. This great shire was born on 27 December 1796 in a family with a military background in Agra town in Uttar Pradesh. When Ghalib was 5 years old, his father died in a fight. After which, after his father's death, his uncle had done the same, but soon he died too and he came to his nanihal. The full name of Ghalib was Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan 'Ghalib'. When he was 13 years old, he was married.

Ghalib was a poet who used to make standing ghazals and used to read that there was panic in the fields. Mirza Ghalib is the favorite shayer for millions of hearts. Many of his ghazals and lions remember the people, in which there are many lions like 'This is not love, just understand that / there is a river of fire and drowning'.

Gabib's mansion

Yun Buni Maqbool Ghazal

It is a matter of time when Bahadur Shah Zafar was the ruler of India. Zooc was a royal poet in his court By then Mirza Ghalib's discussions were in every street of Delhi. Badshah Salam preferred to listen to them, but Zouk was able to get a different position as a royal poet. It is said that for this reason it was the figure of 36 in Zawk and Ghalib.

One day, when Ghalib was playing gambling in the market, only then the zouk's cuff came out. Ghalib said with tears, 'It is made of Shah's Musaahib, Faray is aagaraata.' Zooc's fire started to burn on this, but they did not understand the fate of Ghalib after coming down from their palanquin. They complained to the king with a laugh. The king asked Ghalib to appear in the court.

Well, Gillib was present. There were all the royal courts in the court. The King asked Ghalib whether Mian Zouk's complaint is justified? Ghalib said very smartly that whatever Zouk heard he was his new ghazal maize. On this, the king, Salam, ordered Ghalib to present the whole ghazal. Then what was left. Ghalib pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, turned it around for a few moments, and then came out after this Ghazal:

Every one thing says that you are what you are

Tell me what is this groin

Do not show this charisma in Sholay, nor do it in Berke

Somebody tell me that he is a goose-hare


On February 15, 1869, the world was disturbed. He studied Persian, Urdu and Arabic languages. Many of their ghazals and lions remember the people in which they are not included, just understand that / there is a river of fire and drowning. Many lions like that are included. In the reign of his grandfather Mirza Qoban Beg Khan Ahmad Shah Came to India from Samarkand He worked in Delhi, Lahore and Jaipur and finally settled in Agra. He studied in three languages, including Persian, Urdu, Arabic etc.

'He asks who was Ghalib? Tell someone that we should tell? '

Ghalib started writing prose and verse in Urdu and Persian from the age of 11 years. These are considered to be the greatest shirs of Urdu language and are credited for popularizing the flow of Persian poetry in the Hindustani language. Ghalib is known as an important poet in India and Pakistan. He got the title of Debir-ul-Mulk and Najm-ud-daula. Mirza, who wrote Ghalib (and Asad), was also the court poet of the last ruler of the Mughal period Bahadur Shah Zafar.

These are very popular in their major works-

-Ah must be an age till the age effect

Who has won

-Buzzi-e-Atifal is the world ahead

Shab-o-Rose Tamaa Mera Fare

-Everything is going to happen

Not even the man to be insane

-Price did not go wrong

I have not been good

So much better in the world.

It is said that the 'Ghalib' is the ekad-e-baa and

We know the reality of heaven, but

It is good to have a happy heart, 'Ghalib'

Thousands of happiness are such that every wish will come out

Mery Armaan turned out to be very less but still less

-Israt-e-Qatra is going to get stuck in the river

The pain is going through the extent of the drug

-Which mouth will go 'Ghalib'

Shame does not come to you

-Where is the door of the palace 'Ghalib' and where is the voice

But he knows that yesterday he used to go that we came out

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