... When Indira was told 'Gungi Gudiya', changed the geography of Pakistan

The country's first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was spoken to dumb doll .. Then it became such a Iron Lady ....

Today is the 101st birth anniversary of the country's third Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It would not be wrong to say that Indira was a woman with harsh decisions. She was a soft spoken woman with an effective personality and knew the skill to apply tough decisions with her strict determination. Let's know about Indira's tough decisions ....

Indira had inherited power, but the circumstances were very difficult. Indira was on the target of the opposition, even to the dumb doll she was told. But Indira showed her opponents the stars only during the day. Gungi doll stopped speaking the speakers.

Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister after the demise of Lal Bahadur Shastri, but the party rebelled. Morarji Desai became annoyed with the party's decision. Although Morarji Desai and Indira's figures were always of Chhattis, Indira made Morarji Desai the Deputy Prime Minister.

Indira Gandhi: First woman PM of country with steely intentions and intrepid decisions

Indira was not very comfortable after becoming the Prime Minister. Speech and Parliament wanted to avoid debate. Spoke less In 1969, he had to present the budget, then Indira was so scared that the voice was not coming out from her mouth. Dr KP Mathur, Indira Gandhi's personal physician has written a lot in his book 'The Unseen Indira Gandhi'.

After becoming Prime Minister, Indira remained very tired for a year or two. He felt uncomfortable in those programs and tried to avoid them where they had to speak. Due to this nervousness, his stomach got strained or his head suffered pain. The opposition was always an attacker on this discomfort of Indira. Ram Manohar Lohia had even told Indira till 'Gungi doll'.

Indira Gandhi was fighting on two fronts, she also used to deal with the sharp tactics of the opposition, but the rebellion within the party had kept her in her nose. Meanwhile, Indira also made many revolutionary decisions ....

These were his revolutionary decisions.

- Indira on 14 July 1969 nationalized 14 major banks. The banking services which were limited to large traders and farmers, now they started reaching the common people and common farmers of the country.

- Indira made land reform policy for landless and weaker sections of society.

- Indira promoted the Green Revolution. The result was that before India had to import food grains from the United States, India started exporting foodgrains.

- Indira took a different route while looking at the party that had come to the party. Congress split up Morarji Desai made the Congress O. Indira made Congress R, which was later named Congress.

In the 1971 Lok Sabha elections, Indira slapped a slogan "Garibi Hatao".

- During the campaign, he spent 36,000 miles and addressed 300 meetings.

- Indira's gale, Congress led by winning the 352 Lok Sabha seats created a massive majority government.

- Morarji Desai's Congress o had to be content with only 16 seats.

 How many letters did Nehru write to Indri, while staying in jail?

... Pakistan's biggest mistake

This was the period when Pakistan's army in Eastern Pakistan had made the lives of ordinary people hellfire. Pakistan's military dictator Yahya Khan on 25 March 1971 ordered the purgatives of East Pakistan to be crushed with military strength. After this Sheikh Mujid was arrested. Refugees from East Pakistan started coming to India. Pakistan's nefarious activities were increasing. On December 3, 1971, Indira was holding a public meeting in Kolkata. On that same day, Pakistani Air Force aircraft crossed the Indian Air Bound and bombarded the airports of Pathankot, Srinagar, Amritsar, Jodhpur and Agra. Indira decided to teach Pakistan a lesson.

... and changed the geography of Pakistan

The Indian Army gave a convincing reply to Pakistan. The fight ended in 13 days. On December 16 our army captured 93 thousand soldiers of Pakistan. Indira changed not only the history of Pakistan but also the geography. East Pakistan became free. On Indira's initiative, Bangladesh became a new country by name. Whose president became Sheikh Mujibul Rehman At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had told Indira till the incarnation of Durga.

... when the whole world appeared to be the strength of India

Indira was engaged in making India a new super power. On 18th May, 1974, Indira showed the whole world a threat to its power by conducting nuclear tests in Pokhran. The Indira who got the title of 'Gungi Gudiya' had now become 'The Iron Lady'.

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