Who tweets for Rahul Gandhi? Congress Social Media Head Read responses

In the session organized on 'The IT Way to Win' of INDIA TODAY Karnataka Panchayat organized in Bengaluru, there was tremendous discussion between Congress Social Media and Digital Communications Head Divya Prabandana and BJP's National IT Leader Amit Malviya.

Who tweetes on Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account? Do Rahul Gandhi do it himself? Congressional social media and digital communications head Divya Spandana gave an answer in the session organized on 'The IT Way to Win' of INDIA TODAY Karnataka Panchayat organized in Bengaluru. In this session Divya and BJP's national IT head Amit Malviya had a tremendous discussion.

When Divya was questioned who tweeted on behalf of Rahul Gandhi, Divya said that Rahul Gandhi himself does it. On this, Amit Malviya said that while writing a message in an embassy, ​​Rahul Gandhi was seen writing after watching the mobile. They can not write a message, they can not utter Vishveswaraiah, they think there are many cities in Bengaluru. They could not read the written on paper, read.

Divya said that the people of Congress speak the truth, but the BJP social media people lie. He said that Congress has never been associated with Cambridge Analyst. He said that even in the document presented by Christopher Willy, there is no Congress name anywhere.

Amit Malviya said that Congress is completely lying; He said that the Congress's symbol, which took place in the office of Cambridge Anilica, says a lot. Is everyone else lying apart from the Congress? The Congress leaders have been changing the statements on this.

Malviya said, "Such documents have come from which it is clear that Cambridge Anilica has proposed to work for Congress in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan or in the election of 2019. On the social media of Congress, it has been replied that they do psycho-analysis.

Congress victory from social media to election!

Divya Spandana said that Congress is winning both in social media and assembly elections. He said, "Because of Amit Shah, we have won the election in the social media. BJP supporters were raising all the questions. I am from film background, what information do I have on social media? But thanks to Rahul Gandhi that he trusted me.

Prior to voting for Karnataka assembly elections on May 12, the convocation of the state on March 31, in Bangalore, for the churning on the political, social and economic climate. This is the Mahamancha of the India Today Group's 'Karnataka Panchayat'. In this panchayat, many people who had a deep impression on politics, business leaders, bureaucrats, technocrats, celebrities and others were present. In the 'Panchayat' organized in Bangalore's Lalit Ashok, all the newsmakers and Dission-Makers discussed all the issues that have impact on the people of Karnataka.

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