Xiaomi flashed the Galaxy M series, jumped out of Note 7

Samsung and Xiaomi are in the race for the first and second positions in the Indian market. Shaomi has left behind Samsung and is currently at the top. Both companies have recently launched budget smartphones.

Chinese smartphone maker Shawomi has been preparing for the launch of Redmi Note 7 in India for some time, i.e. its teaser posts are being made. However, there is no information of its launch date so far. It has already been launched in China, but in India it may be launched in March or at the end of February.

The South Korean company Samsung launched Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 in India. For the first time Samsung has aggressively entered the budget segment. This will give direct competition to Shomei who has already left Samsung behind in this segment. These are both budget smartphones

Now Shomei has a kind of tangle on Samsung's smartphones. Although Shaomi did not take the name of Samsung But Samsung has written all the teaser M of Galaxy M series and Shaomi has targeted it. Samsung's M20 starts at Rs 10,990. Now take Redmi Note 7, then in China it is also getting 999 yuan.

In the latest teaser of Redmi Note 7, Shawomi has shown AnTuTu scores of Redmi 7 and Galaxy M. In this teaser, Redmi Note 7 is shown far ahead and behind the Galaxy M series However here only M has been used. AnTuTu has a Redmi Note 7 score of 143,000, while the M brand's smartphone scores 123,000 points. That is, the redmi is far ahead of this so-called M.

The caption of this teaser is interesting - it has been written here, 'The' M'ic drop moment when you realize # ԀW8ᔭ will outperform! #MiPowerd This means that the 48-megapixel smartphone from this M series is quite ahead. AnTuTu score has been posted as a teaser by creating a short video.
Let us tell you that the Galaxy M10 and M20 have already been launched in India, but Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is currently running news in India. It will not be clear when the launch will be done at the moment. Speaking about the specialty of this smartphone, the company is promoting it with 48 megapixels and the company claims that after launch in India it will make the industry upside down.

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