Body of young man dragged for 15 km in Meerut

  The Authorities State that an FIR has been registered but Aren't sure of the Rationale behind the killing  "Your body bore several injury marks on head and face.  The left foot was lost and another one was severely mutilated.  We tracked the blood path to 15 km near Mandi region of Hapur district, in which Mukul dwelt with his loved ones," Superintendent of Police (Rural) Avinash Pandey stated.A preliminary investigation indicated that the body has been dragged for this a very long distance and dropped in Meerut's Kharkhoda region.  "A bicycle has been also found close to him," Mr. Pandey said.The authorities stated that an FIR was registered but they weren't sure of the rationale behind the killing.   "Mukul had borrowed the car every day earlier," the authorities said.According to the police officer, the mutilated body was seen by passersby on Tuesday near an under-construction underpass near Dheerkheda village.  The SP stated:"Criminals wouldn't have left the bike had they planned to loot him.  It might be a dispute between his pals."  On the other hand, the authorities couldn't clarify how nobody noticed that the dragging over the stretch.According to relatives, Mukul was a timid boy and had no enmity with anybody."We're taking out Call Detail Record where things might get clear," that the SP farther additional.

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