Cyclone ‘Hikaa’ to cross Oman by Tuesday night

Additionally, it advised anglers out of Gujarat perhaps not to enterprise in to the ocean whilst the current weather there'll continue being"quite demanding" until Wednesday morning.
"The ocean states will probably undoubtedly be extraordinary throughout next 1 2 hours, so rather than very demanding throughout succeeding 1 2 hrs, and also certainly will rise afterwards," that the IMD explained.

Its strength will likewise weaken previous to changing to some squally breeze with rate attaining 45-55 kmph gusting into 65 kmph nearby the Oman shore on Wednesday early morning.
It's extremely likely to proceed west-southwestwards and cross over the Oman shore close-to Duqm on Tuesday nighttime"because of serious cyclonic storm" having a breeze rate of 110-120 kmph gusting into one hundred thirty five kmph, '' also said.

"'' The cyclone is probably going to keep up its strength to next half an hour and then weaken slowly afterwards," that the IMD explained.

"Winds with rate accomplishing 130-140 kmph gusting into one hundred fifty five kmph are more than likely to prevail north-west and west- middle Arabian sea throughout the next half an hour.  The end velocity will progressively diminish afterwards, turning out to be 100-110 kmph gusting into 120 kmph from Tuesday night combined and away from the Oman shore," that the IMD explained.

At Tuesday afternoon, it place out about 820 kilometers west southwest of Karachi in Pakistan, 220 kilometers east southeast of all Masirah in Oman, also approximately 350 kilometers eastnortheast of Duqm at Oman, '' also said.
A profound melancholy within the Arabian Sea has ventured right to a"incredibly intense storm" Hikaa' even though transferring in the Arabian Sea and will be very likely to cross over the Oman shore on Tuesday night, also '' the MeT division mentioned.

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