China leases pacific island after Solomons cuts ties with Taiwan

The leaked documents reveal that the Solomons' Central Province made a"strategic alliance arrangement" on Tulagi Island, which has a organic deepwater harbour, with all the business China Sam Group around September 2-2.
A-day before, China along with the Solomons formally recognized diplomatic relations after Beijing persuaded the impoverished Pacific state to sever ties with arch-rival Taiwan and become its own ally.

Jonathan Pryke, director of Sydney-based overseas policy thinktank the Lowy Institute Pacific programme, mentioned it wasn't strange for China to claim such particular economic zones into growing nations which were distressed for the investment.

The deal with China Sam mentions creating a refinery on the island, however, its potential for double use being a Chinese army foundation is certain to improve concerns with the United States and Australia.
An Chinese business signed an agreement to rent an full island at the Solomon Islands aday later Beijing recruited the Pacific nation as its latest ally at the strategically important place, according to records obtained by AFP Thursday.
It moves onto say that the deal handles"every industry which is best for advancement, including oil and gas development".
"The island in question in the Solomon Islands has deep water anchorage which can have such strategic uses in the future."

"The fear is these zones can, subsequently, make enclaves of Chinese operations which will then grow more time into some type of long lasting strategic centre," he told AFP.

Tulagian island roughly two square kilometres (0.8 square kilometers ) with a population of 1,200, is the internet site of a previous Japanese naval base and has been the scene of ferocious fighting World War II.

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