Pak police blocks JKLF march from Pok to LoC with mud piles, containers

Imtiaz dominated out allowing the marchers go over and above Jiskool, expressing they would arrive from the scope of Indian artillery.
Even the JKLF activists had been marching in the direction of the LoC from past few times.  On Saturdaythe activists walked 20km to attain Garhi Dupatta and about Sunday day, attained Chinari, and it can be 50 kilometers off from Muzaffarabad.
Even the JKLF members named LoC like a mutually attracted line which split Kashmir and mentioned they would cross it unite Kashmir.

Pakistan Prime Minister,'' Imrankhan had previously said that crossing LoC will not be the Proper measure in Light of the Difficult actions by India Towards people crossing the Loc Illegally

"We've previously humbly advised the organisers that there's just a severe hazard of depositing.  Even the Indians might not just aim the marchers but likewise the complete civilian people inside this spot, some thing they've not uttered from previously," Imtiaz instructed Morning over phone number.

"Should they really don't, we'll keep on to point a sitin the following and declare our second plan then," he explained.
Security employees were deployed to the mountains that were nearby, hoping battle together using all the activists that are determined to waive into the LoC.

 The officers encouraged leaders of this parade to get discussions.
The authorities employees had obstructed the street with electrical sticks, barbed wire fences, sand containers and piles.  An significant police employees were set up involving Chinari and also Chakothi to successfully block the activists.

In Accordance with the accounts, the JKLF activists were ceased around Jiskool around the Muzaffarabad-Srinagar Freeway.  The aim was supposed to hit Chakothi, about three kilometers apart from LoC.
In an announcement into Dawn,'' Dar reported the protesters, now staging a sitin, will hold out till Monday to its elimination of these containers.

JKLF spokesman Mohammed Rafiq Dar reported that their"Azadi March" has been a calm programme to concentrate on the entire world's awareness in the direction of the Kashmir problem, plus so they didn't need a battle with community law police officers to gratify in virtually any violence because that"would aid India".  But he explained they certainly were determined about continued their own friendships.

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