'Secular' Durga puja in Kolkata triggers controversy, complaint filed

Santanu Singha, a Calcutta High Court law firm said he registered a criticism in Beleghata police channel on Friday telling the organisers of both"bothering calmness and tranquility" at West Bengal.
 We've endeavoured to demonstrate that humankind is preceding challenges inside our decoration and subject track," Mr Pal explained.
The organisers explained that it had been in accord with this"communal stability" motif picked from the committee with this particular calendar year's puja.
An town Durga Puja committee has activated a controversy from actively playing Azaan--an Muslim demand Christianity -- combined side Sanskrit hymns whilst the subject tunes of their celebrations.

Paresh Pal,'' on the opposite side, mentioned that the puja pandal includes themes of church, temple and mosque to endeavor that the soul of inclusiveness.

Hindu Jagran Manch pioneer Vivek Singh additionally threatened to proceed daddy.
Authorities, however, claimed they have been to be given a criticism.

"From the title of puja motif, do we in fact play the subject of Durga Puja, engage in our faith.  An FIR was registered at Phoolbagan police channel also, if needed,'' we'll have the authorized path contrary to Paresh Pal along with his partners," Mr Singh explained.

Mr Singha explained he's opted to go court contrary to the organisers.

"I had been amazed to detect Azaan becoming played 10-15 minutes in the puja pandal.  They truly are saying that the subject is communal stability.  What sort of communal stability really are that they preaching by damaging the sentiments of Hindus throughout Durga Puja?"  Mr Singha stated on Monday.

The primary patron of this puja committee, Trinamool Congress MLA Paresh Pal, claimed the subject of the puja is currently"Amra Ek,'' Eka Noi" (We're just one, maybe not independently ). 

"Permit them record a FIR or choose the legal path.  

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