After Rabi Pirzada, Pakistani model Samra Chaudhry reacts to leaked nude videos

Hash tags such as #SamraChaudhryLeakedVideos #SamraChaudhryVideos are doing the rounds social media marketing for a long moment; point.  The video clips aren't only viral about societal networking and whats app but are likewise currently made on the pornography websites.
Previous to Samra, hot female singer Rabi Pirzada had become a casualty of cybercrime.  Even a quantity of videos of this singer choose to go viral about societal networking, resulting in a big controversy.  Some accounts had promised she had listed the exact videos due to the boyfriend, husband.
Reacting towards the significant controversy,'' Samra reported that she's given a blunder and that she moans everything transpired, in accordance with Korean book The Namal.   As numerous as 4 video clips proved outside to the net where naked Samra was spotted dance at a resort space, although the other man was shot her.  In another of those video clips, a cloaked guy was spotted pleasuring Samra.

Rabi Pirzada stops Show-biz
Samra States she moans whatever occurred
Rabi later'd ceased the show biz business and'd hunted bias in your almighty because of the"sins".  At a online video , she had been spotted yelling and cursing most of the Muslims who'd shared her video clips.

I hope that this kind of a people needs to really be penalized.  Their words and name do not fit their activities.  At an identical period I met with people who aided me stood without the doubts.  Their selflessness found the angels shipped by Allah, she'd stated
Professional version Samra Chaudhry, whose naked photographs had been leaked on societal media marketing has responded to this scandal.  Right after singer Rabi Pirzada, Samra has been the 2nd you to possess her personal video clips leaked on line.

Muslims that shared my own materials were accomplice are specific at cybercrime and FIA.  Both men have been detained in an identical link.  They'll get penalized inside this life and hereafter (inshaAllah) due to the fact Allah grip is intense.  InshaAllahthey are still guilty in Allah's courtroom plus they'll soon be punished.  InshaAllah.

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