Jose Mourinho likens Son Heung-min to Ronaldo after stunning solo goal against Burnley

Mourinho was speaking to an objective from the afterward striker Ronaldo in opposition to Compostela ancient at the 1996-97 year old.

Further agreeing to this game, the trainer stated:"A ideal moment.  No mishaps, a sheet that is clean, aims, ideal soccer, kiddies coming to get their very first Premier League soccer "
Tottenham ended up foremost 2-0 by goals from Harry Kane and also Lucas Moura at the 4th and 9th moment late on Saturday, the Southern Korean Son selected the ball up to the border of the field before generating a few amazing firming efforts and conquer many defenders before finding the back of the net at the 32nd minute.
Later on, Moussa Sissoko and also Kane scored later on from the match to simply help Mourinho's unwanted enroll an emphatic 5-0 win in home.

"I recall after I had been at Barcelona using Bobby Robson and Ronaldo Nazario played with a target Very Similar to Son's.  And that really was an remarkable objective.  I am aware he is certainly going to attain the surface of the keeper and also the controller.  He's unstoppable.  The protagonist is so fine, nevertheless, but he was able to place it " he included.

Tottenham Hotspur FC trainer Jose Mourinho maintains his team genius winger Son Heung-mins magnificent solo goal versus Burnley educated him of the motive Brazilian star Ronaldo drama for Barcelona throughout the his sanity in the side.

"Son's can be an enormous objective.  Harry's two objects from beyond the package and also the pass to your own Moussa aim.  A couple of of improved moves or selections plus also we can have experienced ," Mourinho was quoted as saying from BBC activity.

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